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Quick Minds

Quick Minds Skills Development Center is the first operational licensed center of BrainRx in North India. A leader in 1-on-1 brain training in US, LearningRx through its BrainRx program is the best the industry has to offer. For the last 30 years, it has helped students and professionals from over 25 countries overcome learning difficulties such as:

  • Inability to pay attention
  • Taking too long to complete work/homework
  • struggling to read or comprehend material
  • Disruptive or withdrawn behaviour
  • Failure to follow instructions
  • Taking longer than usual to come up with answers
  • Weak analytical skills
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Cognitive Skills

we work on the following cogntivite skills at our center

Attention Skills

The ability to attend to incoming information.

Logic and Reasoning

The ability to reason, form concepts, and solve problems using unfamiliar information or novel procedures.

Visual Processing

The ability to perceive, analyze, and think in visual images.


The ability to store and recall information.

Auditory Processing

The ability to analyze, blend, and segment sounds. Key Skill for understanding languages.

Processing Speed

The ability to perform simple or complex cognitive tasks quickly.


Students Helped


our programees belong to


average gain in IQ


average gain in Mental Age

Is your child still wasting time on tutions?

In the same class, which common setting and teaching methodologies, out of a batch of 20 to 50 students, few learn concepts in one go wherea as few others struggle even after tutions. Ever wondered why this was the case. The problem is not with the content of what is being taught but with a specific brain skill. Tutions are not going to help with the underlying issues of slower skills development. You need a brain training program. We therefore suggest stop wasting time and money on tutions and call us today!

What is Brain Training?

The brain processes information through a complex network of nerve cells called neurons. As we learn, groupings of neurons physically work together to accomplish learning or thinking tasks. Research shows that additional, nearby neurons are drawn into this process when the task is new or unfamiliar, or when the intensity of the learning demand is increased. Once the task is mastered, the borrowed neurons are released to go back to other duties; however, the gains in efficiency and processing speed required for that task are retained and make learning-related tasks easier.

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