First of The Kind Center in North India!

Quick Minds Skills Development Center is the first operational licensed center of BrainRx in North India. A leader in 1-on-1 brain training in US, LearningRx through its BrainRx program is the best the industry has to offer. For the last 30 years, it has helped students and professionals from over 25 countries overcome learning difficulties such as:

  • Inability to pay attention
  • Taking too long to complete work/homework
  • struggling to read or comprehend material
  • Disruptive or withdrawn behaviour
  • Failure to follow instructions
  • Taking longer than usual to come up with answers
  • Weak analytical skills

If you or your child is facing a similar problem, we may be able to help. Book an appointment today!

About Center Director

Ruchi Sehgal
Advanced Cognitive Skills Trainer

Ruchi, with a B.Ed. and an MBA, has over a decade of teaching and training experience in India and overseas. She joined the Brain Rx training program as a Cognitive Skills Trainer in Abu Dhabi, UAE and subsequently was found suitable for as an Advanced Cognitive Skills Trainer. She has been through multiple training programs in USA and UAE.

As a Cognitive Skills Trainer she has trained children and adults of ages 6 years to 47 years. She has successfully trained children with ADD / ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties and Asperger Syndrome. She has also worked with borderline Autist Children with weak cognitive skills.

Prior to this, Ruchi has been a teacher and coordinator for over 8 years in schools with both IB and CBSE curriculum in Gurgaon, India. She was also part of the team handling "Differently Abled Children" at the Indian School in Muscat, Oman. Ruchi loves to work with children and has a natural ability to bond with children as well as teenagers and get them to go beyond their comfort zone to help them achieve their full potential.

Our Trainers

The trainers working for Quick Minds Skills Development Center are best and the most competent in the industry. The proof of this lies that out of the 500+ applicants to the position of cognitive skills trainer, only 7 were hired.

Before being hired, our trainers are checked on a range of parameters from cognitive skill levels to capability to manage, motivate and interact with students. But our stringent checks don't just end here. To ensure that you get nothing but best, all our trainers have to undergo three stages of training each ending with an assessment which needs to be cleared before moving onto the next. Only once a trainer has cleared all three assessments are they assigned any students to train. On an average it takes 2-6 weeks of intense training to qualify as a cognitive skills trainer at Quick Minds.

Our trainers not only train on the program but also act as mentors,motivators, friends and counsellors all rolled into one. They aim at developing all aspects of an individual's personality not just their cognitive profile. The one-on-one training provides the ideal environment for this personal encouragement and feedback that is so important in a brain training program.Group sessions and online games simply cannot match the personal energy and encouragement provided by a qualified personal trainer.

What others Have to Say!

"I was taking Sahil to counsellors for 3.5 to 4 hours daily. There he had a different tutor for every subject who took great care in understanding him and teaching him in a way he would understand. I did this for four years but I could see that the tuitions were not helping him. One day I saw an advertisement from Quick Minds and decided to see what it was all about. After meeting Ruchi we decided to join the program. At first, I was seeing small changes. The program build his confidence; his vocabulary improved; he became more patient. I had began to see the changes in him I always wanted to see. By the end of the program there was such a drastic upward movement in him and his learning skills. Now that his program is over, I notice his academic performance has improved, he is much more confident, less angry and more patient."
- Neelam Sonarghare, Mother of 13 year old boy

"One of the main challenges Vedaa faced was reading. She had no interest in reading and that affected her writing. She had strong dislike for anything visual even TV. Although her academic performance was fine but her teachers had always reiterated that there was scope for improvement. We tried tutors and other academic learning centers but they were of not much help. Then we can across BrainRx program and decided to enrol Vedaa at Quick Minds. One week into the program I noticed that she had started questioning more. We felt a huge change in her confidence and her basic attitude. There was a lot of difference in her overall performance. Although I feel there is scope for improvement in her creative writing, her narrative writing has improved drastically. I would highly recommend this program."
- Rohini Kapur, Mother of 10 year old girl

"Hridhansh used to miss on things, his memory was very short, he could not remember things, let it be school or general things such as noting homework, what he had for breakfast in school, what he did in school. This was a major problem as he was not grasping anything. Even tuitions were of no avail. Either me or my wife had to sit with him to teach him and still after 30 minutes he could not remember anything. Even on the non academic front, he never wanted to play and was always complaining he was tired. He used to avoid going for swimming. But things changed after hridansh joined Quick Minds. I have had wonderful results. After the first 20 sessions we had begun to notice changes; good changes. Now that his program is over, there is a drastic change. He has scored well in his exams, around 70%. Earlier he had no idea what was happening around him, Now he is more aware, he remembers things and does his homework on his own. Not only his memory but overall there is a huge change in his personality. I am very happy with Quick Minds and would definitely recommend it to others. Infact, I have already recommended the program to another parent from Hridansh schools as well as to my father-in-law's friend"
- Manpreet Anand, Father of 12 year old boy

Our History

History of BrainRX

BrainRx was founded by Dr Ken Gibson. Dr Gibson has had a lifelong passion to help children who struggle to read and wants to make learning easier. In the 1980's, Dr Gibson created a number of training programs to help the struggling learner and training up to 2000 health professionals to deliver these programs. This was the first step toward development of the brain training as we know today. As Interest grew in the brain training program, Dr Ken Gibson wanted to make this program publicly available for everyone. Thus the LearningRx program was born. Learning centres were set up across the US to provide training on this program. As international interest in the program grew, BrainRx was born, today LearningRx operates in North America and BrainRx operates outside of North America. There are currently 87 Centres across North America and 36 Centres internationally.

History of Quick Minds

In January 2012, after moving to Abu Dhabi with her husband, Ruchi stumbled upon a brain training center while looking for a job. It was there she was introduced to the BrainRx brain training program. She soon became an Advanced Cognitive Skills Trainer. While training on the program, she noticed the effectiveness of the program and the drastic changes it brings in people undergoing this program. She saw the program as life changing and decided to open a center in Gurgaon to help children in the region. In December 2013, two years after she was introduced to the brainRx program, Ruchi left her job as an advance cognitive skills trainer and went to Colorado, USA to undergo further training on the program. After five months, in April 2014, Ruchi started Quick Minds Skills Development Center to offer BrainRx program to the residents of Gurgaon.

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