Our Methodology

As part of our brain training program, we design a program based on the results of the initial cognitive skills assessment. This enables us to create a program that meets the individual needs and goals of the student. We then assign a certified cognitive trainer who coaches the student through customized and targeted exercises that, over time, are designed to strengthen the neural networks that enable the student to excel in the classroom.

Our training methodology is comprised of a variety of exercises that target core cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, processing speed, and critical reasoning. These are skills that affect learning and academic performance. In addition to using methods of drill and practice, we also coach students on different mental strategies and techniques that are useful for memorization and problem solving, and teach them how they can employ those same strategies and techniques in the classroom setting and everyday situations.

As the student progresses through the program, the exercises gradually increase in complexity and intensity so that the student is continually challenged. As a result of the interactive nature of the training, exercises are adjusted and modified in order to constantly motivate the student. Trainers are taught how to adapt and intensify training and how to engage students to ensure that every minute of the program is targeted and effective.

Our Testing

Testing for Developing Brain Training Program

The first step to a faster, smarter brain is scheduling an assessment.

To determine the right brain training program for you or someone you love, we need information. We get that information several ways: We complete an evaluation of the problems you are experiencing or observing; we conduct a comprehensive case history; and finally, we administer a Cognitive Skills Assessment test. The Cognitive Skills Assessment is not for the purpose of diagnosing medical or psychological issues, but solely to help us identify weaknesses in cognitive skills so we can target them with customized brain training exercises for the most dramatic results.

By combining the information we get from these evaluations and assessments, we determine the very best program for you or your child.

Testing for Career Guidance

Our Cognitive Skills Assessment Test or the Gibsons Test is also used by individual to as a tool to take decision on which subjects to choose for senior classes, which career options to choose as well as map their competitive levels before appearing for entrance exams.

Testing for School

Our testing provides an options for school to identify weak cognitive skills in students at an early stage and work with the students to overcome any challenges that may arise from these weak cogntive skills

Our Training

People come to Quick Minds with high hopes and aspirations for themselves or their child. Through our proven and effective brain training, Quick Minds can and does deliver on those hopes. Struggling students begin to succeed. Discouraged students regain a love for learning. Ambitious students gain a competitive edge to fulfill their dreams. Adults enjoy increased success and opportunity. Our training is based on:

  • utilizing a non-academic format
  • using one-on-one coaching
  • utilizing proper sequencing
  • Giving immediate feedback
  • depends on high intensity and increased loading.

Our Professional brain training techniques involve each of these training keys. The results are rapid changes that last. Another important by-product of one-on-one training is the opportunity for real-time interaction. Our training helps students of all ages seeking all types of mental and academic improvement. Every day, all over the world, it is helping struggling students catch up and excel.

Our Results

At Quick Minds, we measure the cognitive skills of every client before and after brain training. In other words, we not only get unmatched results from our brain training programs, we are able to measure those results scientifically.

BrainRx Training Global Results

More than 6,000 children and adults have undergone brain training at over 125 licensed centers across the world over past two years. These include

  • struggling students
  • college students
  • Students with ADD/ADHD
  • Working professionals/war veterans

In everyone that underwent the training, there one thing in common- an increase in all seven cognitive skills. It was also noticed that there was an average mental age gain of 3.1 years and increase in IQ by at least 15 points. You can click here to read a details of results of a study conducted on 6,000 individuals on how our program increases IQ & cognitive skills

BrainRx Testing at Quick Minds

At Quick Minds Skills Development Center, since we started training students, we have noticed higher than average results for all our students. We have seen and average mental age gain of 4.4 years. You can click here and read in detail about our results.

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