Stuggling Students & Slow Learners

Anyone wanting to learn faster, easier, and better is a good candidate for our brainRx brain training program. A student who struggles to learn or read is an exceptional candidate. The unique ability of our testing and training to identify and target specific cognitive skills weaknesses makes it the perfect tool to help the struggling student.

Custom training can dramatically improve learning and reading performance in a student with chronic or persistent learning difficulties. The majority of recurring learning problems have weak cognitive skills at their root.

The promise of faster, easier learning is not just for a select few. Struggling students can learn faster and easier with brain training.Our top two reports from parents about their child after brain training are:

  • He/she experienced a dramatic increase in self-esteem and confidence.
  • He/she shows a measurable difference in his/her ability to focus.

Brain training has made the difference for thousands of students across the globe. We, at Quick Minds, can help your child too. Book an appointment today!

Attention Issues & ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (both referred to here as ADHD) make school, work, and life much harder than they need to be. While ADHD can have lifelong implications, many children with ADHD continue to struggle as adults. To such children our programs offer proven help.

One-on-one brain training targets and strengthens the weak cognitive skills associated with ADHD. The results we get for our clients are not only life changing, they're lasting, too. Book an appointment today and transform your child future!

Competitive Edge

For Entrance Exam Aspirants such as IIT-JEE, CAT, PMT, AIEE, etc

For the students that are already a cut above their classmates, our brain training program provides an unmatched competitive advantage. No academic study program, however advanced, can provide lifetime advantages in competitive learning environments the way that improving a student's cognitive skills can.

Our training is structured in such a way that the advanced levels achievable by high-performing students have the power to hone critical thinking and processing skills to razor-edge performance levels. High-level gains in processing, reasoning, and memory provide Quick Minds trained students with across-the-board learning advantages.This boost in performance attracts opportunities and promotes lifetime advantages. Our advanced training for the elite student pays valuable dividends for years.

Don't let your child miss out the opportunity to attend the college of his/her choice. Book an appointment and transform your child's future.

Advantage in Standardised Test

With more students appearing for SAT & ACT, getting a right score for admission to a college of your choice is tougher than ever, so it is important to get a leg up on the competition. College is possibly the most important educational milestone on the road to career success. Attending the right college in combination with hard work and success can be the keys to landing valuable post-graduate jobs or gaining acceptance to prestigious graduate schools. Many colleges have numerical cut-offs for the SAT/ACT, which means that they will not even consider those applicants unless they meet those basic criteria.

As both ACT & SAT are in reality just Cognitive Skills Level Indicators and test and map you on different cognitive skill levels, it is important that you have strong cognitive skills to get into a college of your choice. Our advanced one-on-one brain training program is structured in such a way that it provides high-level gains in processing, logic, reasoning, and memory.This boost in performance attracts opportunities and promotes lifetime advantages.

Don't let your child miss out the opportunity to attend the college of his/her choice. Book an appointment and transform your child's future.

Reading Problems & Dyslexia

At the very root of reading success lays a single cognitive skill. It is so foundational that, according to the Department of Education, weakness in this single skill accounts for 88% of all reading problems!

In other words, nearly 9 out of 10 kids and adults who struggle to read do so for the exact same reason.

The single cognitive skill that is so critical to reading is called "auditory processing", and it is one of a handful of core cognitive skills that determines how well our brains handle not only written words, but the rush of information coming at us in every area of life.

Auditory processing is one of the core skills that LearningRx brain training targets and strengthens. As a result, we get absolutely unmatched improvements for clients of all ages who come to us for reading intervention. In fact, our clients gain an average of 3.1 years in reading skills after just 72 hours of one-on-one brain training (done over roughly six months). Compare that to tutoring and you’ll see that, dollar for dollar, LearningRx brain training is seven times more effective than even the best reading tutoring programs! Don't Let your child struggle because of weak auditory processing. Book an appointment Today!

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